3 Things To Do When You’re Super Down

16 Nov

Three things to do when you’re super down:


1. Believe that everything is going to be fine

Try to believe that eventually everything will turn out all right. Wheels will keep on spinning, ups will go down and downs will go up. Bad things will turns into good ones once we already have the strength and experience we needed to accept them.


2. Giving all your best

Instead of mourn and feeling bad all day, it would be wiser if we put extra efforts on our jobs. It’s not easy, but it will make you feel better afterwards. I’ve tried this and it is worth the efforts.


3. Pray and stay

When having a hard time, people often wonder why God could be so mean, why is God doing nothing and answered nothing for their problems. I once wondered if God would feel much more depressed than we do because maybe He had to remain silent for us, to make us grew wiser and stronger in facing our problems. I always believe that He isn’t blind, and He never sleeps. He always listens and He knows what best.

That’s why; do not stop praying. Stay right where you are and don’t walk away on God because He never walk away on us.


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