Garfield visits

1 Apr

Hates cat for centuries and on one afternoon, I encountered a cat–staring at me through my front window.


Like I said, I never like cats, mostly hated them. But this one is cute enough to be forgiven for trespassing my house without permission.

He (I think it’s a “he”) looks pretty much like Garfield, with the orange fluffy hair, long and fat tail. And the “Puss in Boots” innocent expression—trying to persuade me to pet him. Without any reason, Mr. Puss just play around in my front door.


And me, for no reason just feel like pampering and caressing him.

It’s somehow comforting to fondle him, except for the fur that continues to fall.

Sometimes when encountering someone or something we dislike or even hate, somehow feels so much better if we could just open our mind, and embrace our hate.


Hope someday I can do this method to a much bigger world 😀

Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Puss


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