Good Luck and Prejudice

29 May

Watching another J-Dorama, this time it’s “GOOD LUCK!”, yeaa.. I’m a fan of Kimura Takuya since Long Vacation. I find his character in dorama brings strong impressions, even though sometimes the story is average but he can bring any character to a specific Kimutaku-output, so I like him.

Shinkai the co-pilot

He’s a pilot in this dorama, a very rebellious and idealist one. Good Luck is a term that was said to a pilot so that he will have a good and safe flight. I’ve only watched 3 episodes and I already got a very good insights while watching episode 2.

The politician passenger

There’s this scene when they are going to fly and one of their passenger is an important politician. This politician passenger is already late for 30 minutes, annoying and arrogant. Yet after they take off, turns out that this politician is afraid to fly and keep insisting the plane to land.

The captain agrees to him. After evaluating the conditions–based by a report from a senior CA that the politician is panicking and has a record for heart attack before– he decided to go back to Narita and in the end prioritizing for the politician to get off the plane.

Kimutaku (as Shinkai, the co-pilot) is flustered. He thinks that the captain was being unreasonable since he is sacrificing hundreds of other passengers for one arrogant politician.

“Passengers are all equal, first class, business class, economy class. It doesn’t matter.Just because he is a politician, you were biased against him.You figured because he was a loud politician, he was just making a fuss.”

“What if it had been an old woman in economy class?”, said the captain.

Turns out that the captain did the right thing. If he didn’t land on time and the politician wasn’t brought to the hospital, he could have been died from a heart attack.

Until the very moment I hear the captain’s line, I just realize how shallow I am. Because all this time, I often discriminate, labeled a person and making awful judgement just because they are wealthier than me.

Most of the times, false prejudice only addressed to the poor. But now I think, without realizing, I did it more to the rich and successful.

“On our planes, there are passengers we like and passengers we don’t. Don’t forget that we are responsible for every one of their lives. Above all, think of the condition of the passengers.”


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